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TaskWise combines the vital functions of relationship management, task management, exception management, and information sharing into a single company-wide system that is fully integrated with the SouthWare Excellence Series™ and your SouthWareŽ financial data.


Auburn, Alabama  --  SouthWare Innovations announced the immediate availability of TaskWise, the latest module in the SouthWare Excellence Series. Tim Sanders, Executive Vice President, explained "The purpose of TaskWise is to enable each and every user of the system to work smarter and more efficiently by providing access to the information they need to do their jobs in an excellent way."

Tim continued by saying "Traditionally, company functions such as relationship management, task management, exception management, and information sharing have not been integrated. Financial software has tracked its own numbers, CRM software has its own version of customer data, different departments have tracked their own work schedules in their own ways, information is not easily shared company-wide, managers are forced to hunt for exception conditions that need their attention, and so on. TaskWise incorporates all these functions and breaks down the barriers between them to create an incredibly valuable system that links and benefits all individuals and departments."

Imagine logging into your computer in the morning and seeing a summary of what's going on in the company. You click on a list of the tasks that belong to you or your department. You take care of a couple of items by clicking on a button to access the related financial program for the task. You decide to forward one of the tasks to a co-worker and send an accompanying e-mail.

Next you check your department's alert list, situations that you told the system to watch for and give notification when they occurred. You zoom to the accounting data behind a couple of the alerts for more details. The alerts automatically created tasks for the responsible individuals so you don't need to take further action. You return a couple of calls to clients and one to a vendor, make notes, and generate a couple of related e-mails and one follow-up task (with an RSVP so you'll automatically be notified when it's done).

You're not sure about a company policy question during one of the calls so you look it up in the on-line AnswerReady(tm) database. Later that morning you check the alert list again and see that all but one of the previous alert situations have been addressed but there are now two new ones.

In the afternoon you continue to work your task list and zoom to supporting functions as needed. You add a new alert test so the system starts looking for a new problem that has come to your attention. You add a policy decision to the on-line database for future access by everyone.

At the end of the day you have the satisfaction of knowing that you worked on the right things and got a lot done. You also go home with the confidence that your system is still working, looking for the issues that need your attention tomorrow.

The scenario above only touches on the vision of what you can do with TaskWise. With it you can build a smarter company, strengthen relationships, give better service, focus attention on the important work, reduce training needs, find problems immediately, and make your job easier.

James Clemens, President of SouthWare, added "We've been using TaskWise internally for some time now. TaskWise has dramatically improved our day-to-day operations. We are confident that existing SouthWare users and new clients will quickly recognize the significant added value they will receive by using TaskWise to manage their companies, too."

TaskWise and the other modules of the SouthWare Excellence Series run on most popular computer systems using Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95, Linux, Unix, AIX and networks such as Novell. Designed to meet the needs of businesses requiring general accounting software, the Excellence Series also addresses the specific requirements of companies needing software for wholesale distribution, point-of-sale, service management, rentals, job cost and relationship management.

About SouthWare
A privately owned company founded in 1984, SouthWare develops, produces, markets and supports the SouthWare Excellence Series, an integrated family of financial and management information software for use by organizations of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. These products are sold by a network of authorized resellers located throughout North America.

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