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What Makes SouthWare Different?

20 Reasons Why SouthWare is Different

1. SouthWare has tremendous portability - it is compatible with Windows 95/98/2000/XP, LINUX, UNIX, IBM-AIX, and Novell as well as several other platforms, allowing you to mix and match computers in a network as needed. You can retain your data even if you change or outgrow your operating platform. Thousands of satisfied users!
2. SouthWare is very selective in the recruitment of authorized resellers. We partner only with dealers who are truly committed to providing the highest level of quality, long-term service and support to their customers. A proven record of such commitment is a high priority in the selection process. The best accounting system in its class!
3. SouthWare's mission is to honor God and serve people by helping businesses achieve excellence. We strongly believe in practicing the Golden Rule in every situation, and strive to live up to that philosophy on a daily basis. We want only "win-win" situations, and it shows. Windows, Linux, Unix, Novell.
4. SouthWare believes that providing business solutions is a service, not a product. We have a responsibility to our customers and we honor that responsibility everyday. Our support department is one of the best in the nation, with courteous and knowledgeable customer service. Interface to Microsoft Office, Crystal Reports, etc.
5. SouthWare produces one of the most mature accounting software packages in existence. Almost 20 years of continuous improvement gives it the strongest foundation possible. Databases: Informix, MS-SQL, Oracle, etc. 
6. SouthWare's philosophy of controlled growth and stability have been an integral part of our success. We want to be large enough to provide high quality service, yet small enough to respond quickly to industry demands. That philosophy has proven time and again to be extremely effective. Select team of highly qualified resellers!
7. SouthWare has exceptional employee retention. Over 80% of our employees have been with us for over 12 years. Maintaining a staff with such long-term contributions allows for valuable in-depth knowledge of all our products and provides tremendous continuity in our daily business activities. Users can add fields to databases and data entry screens.
8. SouthWare takes pride in knowing all of our resellers on a personal basis. This allows us to put a face with a name when talking with someone and provide a very personal level of service. It also helps us to know what approach to take when trying to assist them in various situations. Custom report writer.
9. SouthWare encourages and utilizes feedback from the reseller network.. We actively solicit their ideas, suggestions, and constructive criticism in order to improve our products in the best possible way. We are always searching for ways to help each dealer improve their total business. Export data to external programs.
10. SouthWare features built-in exception analysis tools. Financial systems have hundreds of thousands of details to track and good financial software will have built-in management views that give you the big picture and let you focus on any exception situations that may arise. Import data from other programs.
11. SouthWare provides pre-built solutions, not just tools to write software. Business people need to purchase software that is ready to use, as writing specific software programs requires a great deal of valuable time. Most people buy cars, clothes and houses that are already assembled. Users can customize data entry screens.
12. SouthWare maintains a highly trained support staff to assist our resellers, even though the reseller is required to provide support to the customers. No other company provides this level of service, quick response time, or friendly attitude and our resellers tell us they greatly appreciate it. Internet interface.
13. SouthWare's product line is very broad and encompasses standard business functions as well as specialized software solutions. The modules have a high level of integration so your system will share data between people and departments for optimal efficiency and accuracy.
14. SouthWare combines the latest technology with solid accounting principles. No other software company provides such a useful and dependable combination of technology and proven accounting practices. These features are necessary to provide the best overall value to the customer. Top of Page
15. SouthWare's NetLink provides controlled access to your business data via Internet and intranet browsers. It offers easy-to-use standard web pages as well as unparalleled ability to create your own real-time data web pages without requiring a high-level of technical expertise. You can offer web access to selected data to your management, staff, customers, suppliers and others.
16. SouthWare has a strong history of utilizing technology, rather than being driven by it. We do not require you to be on a database product where it is more difficult to support the operating environment. Most other accounting software companies require a particular proprietary database platform.
17. SouthWare uses a "custom-without-custom" philosophy. Extended Data and WorkFlow allow you to add new data fields to your files and change the flow of data within your programs without being locked into custom programming. Even with new updates, your changes continue to work. Top of Page
18. SouthWare believes in treating people like family. When you call SouthWare, you will talk to a real, live person. We won't send you through someone's voice mail or even an automated answering system, because most people want to talk to a person when searching for information.
19. SouthWare is continually striving to improve our service and our products. We receive many requests for upgrades and we work very hard to respond to what the customer really needs, rather than a short-term, quick-fix type of solution. This makes our product stronger and smarter.
20. SouthWare is a long-term company. So many of today's dot-com companies are just a flash in the pan—here one day and gone the next. SouthWare enjoys a strong 17 year history and a very healthy future. We plan to be around for many years to come to assist you with your needs.

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