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Be a Better Money Manager!

Managing the payables to your vendors is a routine, yet important part of any business. You need tight control over your checkwriting, but you would like to minimize the time involved. SouthWare’s Accounts Payable is a great way to get better control over payables...with less time and effort. SouthWare’s Accounts Payable is a complete system for recording vendor transactions, writing checks, and tracking vendor activity. You can quickly take care of all your routine and not-so-routine payables tasks. You will be able to monitor your payables situation at all times. Plus, cash planning lets you prepare for your cash needs instead of just reacting to them.

With Accounts Payable, you can:

  • Have complete and accurate vendor records at all times
  • Know which vendors are due to be paid n Plan for future cash needs
  • Control when each invoice gets paid, how much gets paid, and where the check is sent
  • Create a check whenever you need one
  • Make sure you take advantage of vendor discounts
  • Prioritize your payments when cash is tight
  • Know which invoices have questions that must be cleared up before payment and make sure they don’t get paid before they should
  • Evaluate each vendor’s performance
  • Spend your time only on the non-routine payment situations that need your attention

Key Features of Accounts Payable

Vendor Database
• Extensive standard data
• Payment status and priority
• 1099-MISC payments
• Automatic expense distribution option
• Up to 99 pay to addresses per vendor
• Excellence history per period for 5 years
• Notes and optional Extended Data

• Invoice, credit memos, prepaid invoices
• Entry features customized per operator
• Multiple A/P, Discount and Cash accounts
• Allows one-time miscellaneous vendors
• Option to cancel incorrect postings
• Optional interface to Purchasing
• Expense to Accounts or Jobs
• Hold status for transactions with questions
• Customer Refunds

Payment Processing
• Cash requirements forecasting
• Automatic and/or individual selection of invoices to be paid
• Hold payment on an invoice or vendor
• Partial payment of an invoice
• Optional separate check for an invoice
• Pre-check authorization report
• Manual and Void check processing
• Single or batch check printing

• Inquiry into open items and history
• Check history inquiry and reporting
• Aged analysis of open items
• Trial balance to reconcile with G/L
• Check registers and reports
• Purchase journal
• Cash requirements report
• 1099-MISC forms or magnetic media

Other Special Features
• Cash basis accounting option
• Recurring transaction subsystem
• Optional interface to Cash Flow Ledger
• Optional interface to Vendor Returns

Accounts Payable can help you answer such questions as:

  • How much money do we owe to vendors?
  • Are we overdue on any invoices?
  • Can I get a check now for this C.O.D. package?
  • What was this check paying?
  • From which vendors have we been buying our office supplies?
  • Which invoices are currently in dispute with vendors?
  • How can I be sure we don’t write any checks to this vendor until we get this matter cleared up?
  • How much cash are we scheduled to need next week?
  • To what accounts did we expense this invoice?
  • How can I make sure all checks are approved before we print them?
  • Which vendors are most important to us?

Enter an A/P transaction(800x600 screen resolution)

Reviewing the Vendor File (800x600 screen resolution)
Using the Vendor Inquiry program (800x600 screen resolution)