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When You Assemble Your Own Products

Inventory management and work order control is a real challenge when you have assemblies and components. Not only do you have to keep track of the items that come in and out of your business, but you have to keep track of them as they flow in and out of assemblies. A good solution to this challenge is SouthWare®’s Assembly Work Orders module.

The Assembly Work Orders module integrates with SouthWare’s Inventory/Sales Series to give you a complete sales and inventory management system. In the Inventory/Sales Series you can also get Inventory Control, Purchasing, Point of Sale, Order Entry, and UPS/Shipping options. With Assembly Work Orders you’ll be confident that you’re keeping good records of the flow of inventory within your business.

With Assembly Work Orders, you can:

  • Create, track, post, and analyze work orders that document all your assembly activity.
  • Take an order from a customer via Order Entry and interactively create a work order to produce his customized shipment. You can select optional components that increase the selling price. When it’s ready to ship you can then optionally print the details of the customer’s assembly bill of materials on his picking ticket and invoice.
  • Check the availability of each component on an assembly and then reserve stock or substitute, backorder, purchase, or sub-assemble needed items.
  • Put component parts back into inventory when you break down an item.
  • Generate work orders for make-to-stock items.
  • Make sure the costs of your assemblies reflect the actual cost of the components, including variable and fixed costs.
  • Post work orders as they are finished or even partially post made-to-date quantities.
  • Pre-define all your standard bills of material for faster and more accurate processing.

Simplify your task of tracking the production of assembled items. Get SouthWare’s Assembly Work Orders.

Key Features of Assembly Work Orders

Assembly Bill of Materials Features
• Pre-define primary and alternate bills of materials for each item you assemble (not required if each assembly is custom)
• Optional Assembled Item features include Production U/M, Minimum Run Qty, Partial Unit Control
• Optional Component features include tracking number, multi-location, conversion U/M, Fixed or Variable quantity, Confirmation option, W/O Effective Date
• Up to 9999 components per assembly

Assembly Work Order Features
• Assembly Work Order creates a stock item from multiple stock items - components can be sub-assembled for multi-level assembly
• Comprehensive Work Order info, with option for Notes and Extended Data™
• Assemble for stock, sales order, work order
• Optional Reserve process commits inventory and can generate sub-assembly work orders - also allows substitutes, backorders, or purchase order requests
• Use standard or custom assemblies
• Optional work order add-on costs for overhead and other variable costs
• Printed Work Order Form
• Automatic Costing that may be overridden
• Option to automatically generate work orders for make-to-stock items
• Optional interactive and partial posting updates stock file immediately
• Optional completed data per component
• Optional two-step update first reserves inventory to the work order, then completes update when posted
• Breakdown-type work order to disassemble a stock item

Assembly Reporting/Inquiry
• Work Order Inquiry (open and history)
• Component Availability Inquiry
• Work Order Status Report
• Assembly Requirements Report
• Component Where Used Report
• Work Order History Report

Integration with Inventory/Sales Features
• Direct interface with Order Entry for sale of assembled items, including increasing the selling price based on optional components
• Print assembly on picking ticket or invoices

Assembly Work Orders can help you answer such quesions as:

• Which work orders are currently in progress and what is their status?
• How do we make sure that we don’t forget to include some items in a packaged assembly?
• How much did the components cost for this special assembly? • What would be the customer’s price if he chooses the deluxe options?
• Can I go ahead and ship/invoice what I’ve made so far?
• Can we return an assembly back to component inventory?
• Do we have enough components on hand to build 45 of these assemblies?
• What’s the status of the sub-assemblies we’re waiting on to complete this work order?