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Stay On Top of Your Cash Flow!

Knowing your cash flow situation is vital to your business success. You’ve got to have complete insight into your cash, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time gathering and analyzing data. If this sounds like you, get Cash Flow Ledger.

Cash Flow Ledger puts all the information about your cash right at your fingertips. Cash transactions from your SouthWare Excellence Series business system flow automatically into Cash Flow Ledger. Without any extra work you’ve got all the information and tools you need to answer your cash flow questions. And when you reconcile your bank account the system will automatically show you where your G/L differs from your bank account.

With Cash Flow Ledger, you can:

  • Capture cash flow history as it happens without any extra work
  • Understand how today’s cash balance got that way
  • Review daily cash balance fluctuations
  • Quickly reconcile your G/L cash to your bank statement
  • Review each type of cash flow to look for trends
  • See the details behind any cash flow transaction
  • See the detail cash, check, and credit card payments in each day’s deposit
  • Look at cash flows over any period of time n Easily identify accounting errors involving your cash accounts
  • Track the cash for a single bank account using several G/L cash accounts

Don’t risk your peace of mind by guessing on something as important as your cash. And don’t spend your precious time doing something manually that your business system can do for you. If you want better cash information in less time, get Cash Flow Ledger

Key Features of Cash Flow Ledger

Automatic Tracking of Cash Data
§ Updated when G/L is updated
§ Reflects cash in from invoices, A/R, and G/L adjustments
§ Reflects cash out from checks and G/L adjustments

Bank Reconciliation
• Interactive reconciliation of cleared items
• Reconciliation report
• Option to search or zoom on cash transactions
• Unlimited number of bank accounts
• Unlimited number of cash accounts per bank account
• Bank adjustments in G/L are automatically reflected in
Cash Flow

Cash Flow Management
• Cash Flow Inquiry with running balance of cash per day
• Display or report by date and type of cash flow
• Zoom to the detail source document for a cash flow

Other Reporting
• Deposit Detail Report to see detail transactions in each day’s deposit
• Check Number Audit Report

Cash Flow Ledger can help you answer such questions as:

•What’s our cash balance right now?
•What cash came in last week?
•What’s the lowest balance we’ve reached in our bank account so far this month?
•What type of cash adjustments have we had to make lately?
•Which A/P checks from last month had not cleared the bank as of the end of the month?
•How does each day’s deposit break down between cash, check, and credit cards?
•Why did our cash balance drop so low last week?
•What were the total daily cash flows last week?
•What was this check paying?
•Have we been maintaining enough cash cushion in our checking account or should we transfer some from savings?