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Make Sure Your Customers Don’t Forget You!

The Collections Adapter is an add-on option for SouthWare’s Accounts Receivable. With it you can schedule followup calls, enter collection call information, and track customer commitments. You’ll get a better return on your time spent doing collections because you’ll have a complete record of what’s been said and done, plus you’ll also have the tools to eliminate excuses for non-payment.

Following up on past due customer accounts is not one of the most pleasant business tasks, but it is an important one. Every business has customers who seem to procrastinate on sending a check until you give them a polite but firm reminder. If you’d like to make your collection efforts more organized and easier, get SouthWare®’s Collections Adapter.


With Collections Adapter, you can:

  • Know who needs a collection call
  • Systematically follow up with every customer who needs attention n Keep track of customer promises
  • Review and record the status of each outstanding invoice during a collections call
  • Know what was said on past collection calls
  • Know when to withhold further credit to a customer n Know which customers have exceeded their credit limit
  • Decide how frequently to follow up with each customer
  • Instantly access the details of an invoice to answer any questions

Help your customers remember their promises. Give them the reminders they need and get the results you want with SouthWare’s Collections Adapter.

Key Features of Collections Adapter

Collection Call Entry
• Automatic selection of customers who need a call
• Review previous calls
• Record who you talked to and what they promised to do
• Call Date and Promised Date per invoice
• Zoom into the details of any invoice
• Interactively reprint an invoice via A/R

Collection Call Scheduling
• Identify new situations based on past due invoices or balances in excess of credit limit
• Follow up on previous calls based on review date, status, or payment commitment dates

Optional SalesMark™ Interface
• Option to access Collections Adapter invoice screen from a SalesMark call
• Integration with SalesMark provides scheduling of calls per contact person, ability to create a WordPerfect merge letter, and automatic tracking of info sent out (such as duplicate invoices)

Integration with A/R
• Access A/R inquiry for details of any invoice
• Customer balance and aging totals display during a call
• Easy access to all current and past customer info during a call

Reporting Features
• Customer Collections report of calls to be made
• Credit Hold report to identify customers with problem accounts

Collections Adapter can help you answer such questions as:

• Who needs a collection call?
• Who did we talk to about this invoice?
• What other invoices does the customer have outstanding besides the delinquent one we’re calling about?
• Which customers are abusing their credit privileges?
• When did the customer promise to pay this invoice?
• Are there any invoices that have become past due since the last time we talked to the customer?
• How many times have we had to call this customer about late payments during the last six months?
• What did the customer purchase on this invoice since they don’t have a record of it?
• When did we promise to call them back if we didn’t receive payment?
• When was the last time we talked to the customer about this specific invoice?