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Make Your Financials Make Sense!

Your general ledger is where all your financial information comes together. For up-to-date information, attractive financial reports, and insight behind the reports, get SouthWare’s General Ledger.

SouthWare’s General Ledger gives you daily financial management tools, not just a once-a-month report. Your other SouthWare products can keep General Ledger as current as the last transaction. Your financial statements are ready whenever you want to see them. And the answers to why your financial statements got that way are only a keystroke away.

With General Ledger, you can:

  • Get the financial reports you need when you need them
  • Have financial reports that look the way you want them to look
  • Get today’s financial statements, not just last month’s
  • Easily provide the information your auditors request
  • Eliminate most manual work in G/L as your other SouthWare products automatically update your financial information
  • Compare this year’s performance to previous years
  • Compare actual performance to your budget n Quickly update your budgets throughout the year as your estimates change
  • Analyze the performance for your different financial reporting entities as well as for your entire company

Key Features of General Ledger

Financial Statement Features
• Income Statement
• Balance Sheet
• Source/Application of Funds
• FASB 95 Cash Flow
• Custom supporting schedules
• Standard reports for easy set up
• Option to customize report layout or columns of information
• Column choices include variances, trends, department or multi-company comparisons
• Up to 16 columns per report
• Period, Quarter, Year reporting
• Multi-company consolidation
• Print options include footnotes and output to spreadsheets or word processing

Transaction Features
• “Ledger-look” for easy entry/review
• Interface from other SouthWare products
• Accruals with automatic reversal
• Prior-Year adjustments that automatically roll the change into the current year
• Memo-type entries for non-financial data

G/L Account Features
• User-defined account number structure - up to 4 parts and 6 digits per part with a maximum of 15 characters including dashes between parts
• Predefined chart option for easy set up
• 12 or 13 accounting periods
• Current, Original, and Pending budget per period per account • Comparative amounts for last 5 years
• Budget workfile for interactive budget review and change
• Assign accounts to reporting entities

Inquiry/Other Reporting
• On-screen review of an account and zoom to any source document for a transaction
• Trial balance and Transaction History
• Optional interface to Cash Flow Ledger, ExecuMate II, ExcelReport, ImportMate
• Optional use of spreadsheet interface

General Ledger can help you answer such questions as:

• What do our financials look like so far this month?
• How do I get a condensed version of these reports for our bank?
• How did each of our departments do last month?
• What was the source of this G/L transaction?
• How do our sales this month compare to the same month last year?
• What would our financials look like at year end if our sales were 10% over budget?
• Now that the auditor finally gave us last year’s adjustments, how do we adjust last year and this year?
• What transactions have been posted to this account during the last week?
• Can I see these same reports for the last four quarters?
• The auditor wants a trial balance for the entire last year - can we get it?
• What do our consolidated statements look like?


Entering a G/L Transaction (800 x 600 resolution)

Using the Account Inquiry program (800 x 600 resolution)