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Make Every Inventory Dollar Count!

When you have a large inventory you must manage your inventory well if you want a successful business. Your inventory is just like stacks of dollar bills sitting around. You’ve got to make sure they don’t “walk off” and you can’t afford to leave them sitting idle for too long. A great way to protect your dollar bills is with SouthWare®’s Inventory Control.

nventory Control is an inventory tracking system that gives you up-to-the-minute detailed information on each item in your inventory. You’ll know exactly how much inventory comes in, how much is on-hand now, and where it goes. Inventory Control also serves as the base product for SouthWare’s Inventory/Sales Series which gives you Purchasing, Point of Sale, Order Entry, Assemblies, and UPS/Shipping options.

With Inventory Control, you can:

  • Get the up-to-the-minute quantity status for any item in your inventory at the touch of a key
  • Know the value of your current inventory
  • Know the details of each time you’ve received inventory
  • Keep separate records for each inventory location you use
  • Easily verify your spot check counts against your inventory records
  • Produce shelf labels for your stock items
  • Access a perpetual ledger of all quantities in and out for each stock item
  • Track selected stock items by serial number, lot number, size, color, or other tracking breakdown
  • Adjust your inventory records for breakage, spoilage, or other defective quantities
  • Move quantities between inventory locations as needed
  • Keep extensive supporting information about each inventory item

Key Features of Inventory Control

Stock Item Database Features
• Extensive standard data
• 15-character Stock ID code
• Multi-location - 3-character ID
• Multiple units of measure per item
• Stock Index for multi-parameter searches
• Costing options include Last, Average, Standard, LIFO/FIFO, and Serial or Tracking Unit cost
• Pricing options include multipliers of list price, markups of cost, fixed prices, quantity breaks, promotional pricing, and other override schemes
• Unit price/cost up to 5 decimals
• Serial, lot, color, size unit tracking
• Selling/purchasing variance options
• Shelf labels with bar-code option
• Purchasing-related fields (see Purchasing)
• History per period for 5 years
• Notes and optional extended data

Inventory Transaction Features
• Adjustments include In-Shop, In-Use, Defective, Cost Adjustment, Tracking #s, Transfers, and other general adjustments

Supporting File Features
• Stock ledger of all quantity changes
• Unlimited replacement part numbers
• Customer, substitute, related part #s
• Product category accounting and defaults
• Optional override schemes for pricing, commissions, and sales tax

Physical Inventory Features
• Count worksheets, speedy entry of counts
• Discrepancy listing

Receiving Features
• Fast receiving entry with document review of PO, location transfer, vendor RA
• Scan mode for keyless entry
• Option to receive quantity and record cost later
• Option to allocate freight/tax to line items
• Optional detail interface to A/P
• Optional receivings history

Inquiry and Reporting
• Stock status inquiry and numerous reports

Inventory Control can help you answer such questions as:

ü How many of this item do we have available right now?
ü What happened to the 25 boxes of these that we had last week?
ü Do we have any available quantity of this item in our other locations?
ü How many units of this item have we had to write off during the past year?
ü What are the serial numbers of the units we’re supposed to have on hand right now?
ü Didn’t we just receive a shipment of these last week?
ü What’s the total value of our inventory in this product category?
ü When we purchase this item do we order by cartons or by cases?
ü Did last night’s spot check counts match our inventory records?
ü Which items are currently completely out of stock?
ü What are the other part numbers we use for this item?