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Make Less Work of Your Jobs!

When your business revolves around jobs you’ve got to have a good job tracking system. Most jobs involve so many types of costs that you need comprehensive records on each job just to know whether you’re making money or not. A great solution for job tracking is SouthWare’s Job Cost.

SouthWare’s Job Cost gives you the tools you need to keep your jobs under control without getting bogged down in paperwork. Setting up new jobs is easy, and you can even copy standard jobs. Your costs and revenues can be automatically updated by other SouthWare products. Overhead, recognizing job progress in G/L, and Work In Process updates can all be done in minutes. And there are adaptations to help you whether you’re a contractor or a job shop.

With Job Cost, you can:

  • See all the information about a job at the touch of a button
  • Know the profitability on each job
  • Know the types of costs that you’ve incurred on each job
  • Track all changes to a job’s budget and compare actual performance against budget
  • Automatically keep your job information current as a byproduct of A/P, Payroll, Inventory, and Invoicing processing
  • Easily assign overhead to your jobs
  • Know your Work In Process status and transfer costs from Work In Process as a job is finished
  • Spot cost overruns n Predict expected job profit
  • Know how much work is left to be done on a job
  • Know what’s been paid and what should be paid on a job

Keep the right facts available for each of your jobs without spending too much time doing it. Get SouthWare’s Job Cost.

Key Features of Job Cost

Job Database Features
• Job header info includes customer data and general pricing
• User-defined cost code structure with up to four breakdowns such as phase and cost category
• Job detail tracks each aspect of a job by cost code and includes accumulated units and costs
• Completed contract or percentage complete
• Revenue recognition options
• Labor burden and Overhead
• Master job group for related jobs
• Copy function to quickly duplicate a job
• Flexible set up of accounting to be done for each job

Job Transaction & Billing Features
• Jobs updated by A/P invoices, Invoices, Inventory adjustments, Payroll, A/R payments
• User-defined transaction types
• Option to automatically generate billings from jobs

Contractor/Construction Adaptations
• Automatic AIA code set up option
• Subcontractor retainage
• Subcontractor cost category
• Certified Payroll report thru Payroll
• A/R customer retainage balance
• Cost Plus or Fixed Fee pricing
• AIA Invoicing option
• Change order subsystem
• Recognized profit or revenue/cost

Job Shop Adaptations
• Automatic set up options
• Time sequence for tracking status
• Stock number to manufacture
• Option to update job status based on quantity finished
• Overhead allocation or calculation
• Work in Process relief

Job Cost can help you answer such questions as:

• What’s today’s status on this job?
• Which jobs are over budget?
• How much more resources will it take to finish this job?
• Which jobs currently need to be billed?
• What’s the profitability on our current jobs?
• What were the materials that were costed to this job?
• Have we already allocated overhead to this job?
• How much customer retainage are we due on this job?
• How much retainage will we owe to subcontractors when this job is finished?
• What’s the breakdown of our current Work In Process?
• What budget changes have been approved for this job?
• How much profit has been recognized in G/L for this job?
• What are the totals for all jobs in this subdivision?
• What percent complete are we on this job?