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Give Your Customers What They Order!

When your customers call in with an order you want to be able to record the order accurately and then deliver it right the first time. This means your people need a system that helps them be efficient, accurate, knowledgeable, and timely. A great answer to all these needs is SouthWare®’s Order Entry.

Order Entry integrates with SouthWare’s Inventory/Sales Series to give you a complete order processing and inventory management system. In the Inventory/Sales Series you can also get Inventory Control, Purchasing, Point of Sale, Assemblies, and UPS/Shipping options. With Order Entry you’ll be confident that you’re getting orders recorded accurately and courteously, shipping them right the first time, and getting them invoiced promptly.

With Order Entry, you can:

  • Get your customers’ orders recorded in less time
  • Immediately answer your customers’ questions about pricing, availability, order status, etc.
  • Instantly access past sales orders for a customer and even duplicate one
  • Keep accurate records of returns, billing adjustments, no charge shipments, and other special situations
  • Sell what the customer needs even if you have to special order it or ship it from another location
  • Know exactly how and where the customer wants an order shipped, and even have an order drop-shipped from your vendor
  • Make sure a customer’s credit status gets checked before and after you record an order
  • Automatically handle complex situations involving special pricing, special commission structures, or special sales tax rates
  • Produce picking tickets and shipping labels to help you get the right items shipped to the right address at the requested time
  • Provide order acknowledgement forms to your customers to make sure the order is right before you ship it
  • Create sales quotations and then turn them into orders when the customer agrees to buy

Key Features of Order Entry

Order Entry Features
• Regular, no charge, credit memo, billing adjustment, payment on account, location transfer, and drop ship type orders
• Option to add customer record during sale
• Billing info, PO#, shipping info, other info
• Credit limit checking
• Customize the keystrokes and security features per operator • Text and Notes for the order
• Sale of an item, return, sale of service, standard combo of items, non-stock item
• Handling codes include special purchase, drop ship, and handle as surplus
• Automatic stock availability checking with backorder, substitute and cancel options
• Sell from multiple locations on an invoice
• Option to zoom into inquiry for an item
• Numerous pricing options (see Inventory Control features)
• Serial, lot, or other tracking numbers
• Option to display suggested related items
• Allows miscellaneous add-on charges
• Calculates proper sales tax
• Any combination of cash, check, credit card, or on account payment
• Accept and track deposits on orders
• Order acknowledgements
• Sales Quotation, then turn into an order

Shipping Features
• Picking tickets
• Shipping labels
• Scheduled ship date per line item
• Optional pick/ship system for order fulfillment management and efficient billing

Management and Reporting Features
• Open back orders with automated fill
• Inquiry for detail of current and past orders
• Outstanding orders analysis
• Order fulfillment status inquiry
• Optional order approval process
• Partial or full invoicing of an order
• Daily sales report
• Operator “override” report

Unique benefits you get with Order Entry include:

• Easy and fast entry of normal orders, but all the sophistication you need to handle your most complex order situation
• Instant access to customer sales history and credit history
• Special handling options so you can special order, backorder, substitute, or even drop ship an item for a customer
• Serial numbers and other tracking numbers to help you with warranty and service claims
• Automatic order suggestions to encourage add-on sales
• Option to sell from any of your locations on an order
• Sales quotations and order acknowledgements for clear communication with your customers
• ExcelReport analysis of the quality of your order processing
• Extensive pricing, commission, and sales tax options to handle all types of special situations