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Get Your Payrolls Out Faster and Easier!

Payroll is an important and very sensitive function in most businesses. You need your payrolls to be accurate and on time, but you’d like to minimize the administrative time and cost it takes to prepare them. A great solution for your payroll needs is SouthWare®’s Payroll.

With SouthWare’s Payroll you get a sophisticated and flexible system for payroll processing, tracking, and reporting. You benefit from an “exception” design that lets you set up all normal information for an employee so you only have to enter exceptional or one-time information with each payroll. You get the flexibility to handle the many special earnings and deduction situations your employees have. And your governmental reporting information is ready when you need it.

With Payroll, you can:

  • Depend on accurate and on-time payrolls
  • Experience less hassle with the various employee deductions and other special payroll situations your employees have
  • Rest easier when it comes time for your quarterly or year-end tax reporting
  • Analyze your payroll costs to know exactly where your money is going
  • Know the details of each employee’s payroll situation
  • Know the details behind each check you write
  • Know your total costs for each payroll and zoom into the details for more information
  • Spend less time on payroll administration each month - you can even eliminate checks with a direct deposit option
  • Have the information you need to report to other organizations such as credit unions and insurance companies

Key Features of Payroll

Employee Database Features
• Extensive standard personnel data
• Normal pay info such as pay frequency and normal rate or salary
• Normal tax information for withholding
• Distribute salary to multiple G/L accounts
• Optional recurring earnings, deductions, and employer expenses
• History of checks, tips, earnings, taxes
• Notes and optional Extended Data

Earning/Deduction Features
• Standard and user-defined types
• Taxable status and limits for situations such as 401-K, Cafeteria plans, and garnishments
• Deductions may be amounts, rates, or percents of gross pay

Tax Features
• User-maintainable tax rates and tables
• Flexible tax status and calculation

Check Processing Features
• Data entry required only for exceptions to the normal employee information
• Speedy exception entry for hours and other exception overrides
• Allows 2 checks per employee per payroll
• Multiple exception files may be in progress
• Pre-check report for verification
• Numerous registers and reports
• Manual and Void check processing

Reporting Features
• Inquiry into summary totals of past payrolls, check history details, and employee info and totals
• Employee and check reports
• Retirement, review, leave and other reports
• Quarterly tax reporting info
• W-2 forms or magnetic media

Other Special Features
• Optional Direct Deposit software interface
• Period-end accruals
• Option for departmentalized accounting

Other benefits you get from Payroll include:

Confidentiality - personal earnings and other data are secure from unauthorized access

Efficiency - not only do you spend less time entering data, but features such as the optional Direct Deposit add-on can even save you and your employees the time it takes to go to the bank

Peace of Mind - knowing that your taxes and other reporting information are readily available helps lessen the stress of dealing with the various governments

Safeguards Against Mistakes - reports such as the pre-check authorization report help you make sure the checks are right before the employees get them

Responsiveness to Tax Law Changes - most of the tax rates and amounts are in maintainable tables so you can update your own payroll system for government changes

Answers to Questions About Past Payrolls - all the important totals and check details from each payroll are ready for instant review