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For Profitable Equipment Rentals

With Equipment Rental you get a complete system to process the pricing, renting, tracking, and management of your rental contracts and equipment inventory.

Equipment Rental module integrates with  SouthWare’s Distribution or Service Management Series.  This makes it an ideal solution for the business that both rents and sells items. You can sell items and rent  items on the same orderl, and your invoices for rental contracts flow into the Normal Invoicing Process history and reporting options available for other SouthWare invoicing products. And if you service your equipment, SouthWare’s Service Management modules integrate to give you a complete sales/rental/service solution.

With Equipment Rental  you can:

  • Quickly create a rental contract from any normal SouthWare billing entry program.
  • Add inventory items, services, or other types of line items handled by the billing entry program to a rental transaction.
  • Track availability and scheduling conflicts for each rental item.
  • Identify items which are past due for return.
  • Handle various rental pricing structures with the system automatically figuring out which rental unit (hours, days, weeks, etc.) to use for each rental transaction.
  • Track Rental Items by specific Tracking Number or by quantity only.
  • Easily rent and analyze kits or combinations of items via Inventory/Control Standard Bills and Kit Codes.
  • Handle special commission and taxing override situations.
  • Transfer rental inventory between locations with the option to treat these as sub rentals for additional control.
  • Report on scheduled deliveries and pickups of rental items from customer sites.
  • Analyze customer and rental ID rental performance.

Key Features of Rental Department

Extensive Rental ID Database
• Rental ID can be linked to Sales and Service
• Multi-location option
• Base rate for rental table
• Serial number tracking option
• Cost/Value/Price info
• Other info such as bin location, turnaround requirements
• 5-year period history totals

Comprehensive Transactions
• Rentals, sales, and service in single transaction
• Option to sell or exchange rental items
• Streamlined entry
• Allows different rental period for each item on a contract
• Option for long-term contracts with periodic billing
• Delivery/Pickup option

Integrated Billing
• Incorporated in normal SouthWare Invoicing
• Integrated rental/sales invoice history

Flexible Pricing
• Rate Structures and Rate Tables
• Up to 10 Units/Rates per Table
• Multipliers or flat amounts
• Optional minimums and rounding options
• Option for automatic best price
• Grace period
• Cutoff times and weekend pricing

• Automatic tracking of availability
• Calendar view to schedule future rentals
• Notification of scheduling conflicts

Inquiry and Reporting
• Rental ID and Tracking Number Inquiry
• Rental Contract Inquiry
• Numerous management reports including contract status,revenue, return on investment, item analysis, etc.

Integration with SouthWare Excellence Series™
• Share locations and product categories with Inventory/Sales • Use Service Management to track repair costs and history for rental items

Types of Rental Situations you can handle include:

• Creating a Rental Transaction from any SouthWare Billing Entry program (Order Entry, POS, Service or A/R Invoicing).
• Checking the Scheduling Availability for any item. This is automatically tracked by the system to help you keep track of when items are supposed to be where and to identify conflicts in scheduling.
• Selling supplies with a rental ό Using Standard Bills to easily enter package or kit combinations of rental items, sales items, and text.
• Selling a rental item ό Doing periodic billing on a long-term rental
• Requiring security deposits
• Charging the best rate for the rental period of time
• Printing the Contract form for a rental

Rental Overview Demo (1.25 MB)