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Get All the Reports You Need!

The value of the data in your business system is directly related to your ability to get to it. Your standard reporting needs are well addressed with reports provided within the SouthWare Excellence Series. But what about those special reports for your unique needs?

With SouthWare’s ReportMate you’ve got the answer to your custom reporting needs. You can access the data in any major file in your SouthWare Excellence Series business system and produce a report or a reporting file. It’s very simple to use so you don’t have to be a programmer - you’ll be creating reports in minutes. And you can lay out the data on the report the way you want to see it!

With ReportMate, you can:

  • Create a report that shows information the way you want to see it
  • Combine information from several files on one report
  • Know which files can be combined with any particular file
  • Perform calculations on your data
  • Show special reporting statistics such as record counts, averages, and running totals
  • Select the records to appear on a report using several flexible criteria
  • Create special files from your business data for use with spreadsheets, word processors, and other software products
  • Create a table view for spreadsheet-like review or editing (Windows only)
  • Put your customized reports on the menu to give them the same appearance as the standard system reports
  • Make sure data on sensitive reports is available only to authorized persons

Key Features of ReportMate

Pre-Defined Data Dictionary
• Files/Fields are easy to find and reference
• Relationships between files are already set up - the hard part is done for you Range of Records Options
• Up to 5 selection ranges per report
• Each range may be defined at runtime

Sort Sequence Options
• Up to 5 sort sequences per report
• Ascending or descending
• Subtotal and page break options
• Define which fields print at subtotal break

Other Selection Criteria Options
• Up to 5 special selection criteria per record
• Up to 5 selection criteria per field
• Test a field to be Less Than, Greater Than, Equal To, Not Equal To, Greater Than or Equal To, Less Than or Equal To, or Match on Masking Characters
• Record tests may be required or optional and changed at runtime

Output Options
• As a report to printer, screen, or file
• As HTML file or table to a browser
• As a DIF, Delimited, or merge file
• As XML data
• As Fixed-position or Fixed-Length text
• As a file to use with ImportMate
• As ExecuMate II statistics

Defining a Report Layout
• “WYSIWYG” entry lets you see and edit what the report will look like
• Up to 264 columns per line
• Up to 10 lines per record
• Heading and spacing controls
• Default column headers (up to 5 lines)
• Easy lookup of files and fields
• Allows runtime options for dates and other constants used in calculations

Table View Subsystem (Windows only)
• Turn a report into a spreadsheet-like grid
• Option to edit data

Special Features
• Specify variable time periods for reporting from Excellence Period History
• Special comment lines let you give instructions to anyone running a report
• Totals Only option
• Option to add ReportMate reports to menu

Simple uses for ReportMate include:

• Producing a special sales analysis report
• Listing customers who meet a special set of criteria
• Searching for a particular transaction by writing a report to print all transactions for a certain amount
• Creating a WordPerfect merge file for a mailing to selected vendors
• Creating a DIF file with General Ledger amounts for use in a spreadsheet
• Listing SalesMark prospects who live in a certain state or zip code
• Creating a file of data to be changed so that you may use ImportMate to change the data as you import it
• Creating reports that include special Extended Data fields that you have added
• Creating special statistics in ExecuMate II for analysis and graphs
• Creating special customized mailing labels for an employee mailing
• Creating a report of the average sales per period for each product you sell

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