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Tailor Your Forms to Your Needs

Your business forms are a very important part of your business. You rely on forms to communicate with your employees, your customers, and your suppliers. If your forms aren’t right, your communication isn’t right either. Using standard forms gives you the lowest cost, but what do you do if the standard forms don’t meet your needs?

Get SouthWare Forms, an optional adapter for the SouthWare Excellence Series™ that lets you create alternate formats for the standard forms available from SouthWare™ products. You can add data, change data, move data, or remove data from the standard forms to create multiple alternate formats for each form. You may then define the situations when an alternate format should be used. Best of all, these changes don’t require source code changes and will be compatible with the future revisions you get from SouthWare(1).

With SouthWare Forms, you can:

  • Get the “excellence look” you want from your business forms
  • Adapt forms printing to match your non-standard forms -- add additional data to your forms, change the positioning of data on your forms and omit standard fields from forms
  • Have alternate form formats for different situations, such as a different invoice format for each location
  • Get custom changes that stay compatible with future revisions

If you want the power and benefits of customized forms without any long-term maintenance costs, get SouthWare Forms™.

Key Features of SouthWare Forms™

Customization of Many Forms
• All Invoices, including Order Entry, POS, Service, and A/R Invoicing
• Order Acknowledgement
• OE Quotation
• OE Cash Receipt
• POS Layaway
• Collections Invoice Reprint
• A/P Check
• Payroll Check
• A/R Statement
• Inventory Label
• Shipping Label
• OE and SV Picking Ticket
• Purchase Order
• Service Order
• Rental Contract

Handles Common Changes
• Move fields
• Remove unneeded fields
• Add fields from related files
• Change text

Easy Modify/Test Process
• Requires entry of changes only, not entire form
• Changes made in a text file
• Text file turned into custom form
• Interactive edit, validate, test, edit, etc. cycle for debugging

Selective Use of Custom Formats per Form
• Based on location, transaction operator, or terminal
• Option to override interactive printer

Special Character String Files
• Handle special printer instructions such as font changes
• Easy reference of long text messages

Low Cost Custom
• No long-term maintenance - remains compatible with future revisions
• No source code required
• No special compilers required

Sample situations you’ll be able to handle include:

• Changing invoice print to work with an existing supply of custom forms
• Changing the format of your service order to handle the requirements of your service department
• Modifying your picking ticket to meet different needs of each location
• Printing special messages in different printer fonts
• Printing additional quantities on your invoice
• Printing special info on your purchase orders
• Printing user-defined customer data on your statements
• Making your quotation look different than an invoice
• Having a different form for your order acknowledgements
• Printing your payroll checks on a custom check form
• Defining a different format for faxed invoices than for printed invoices
• Printing quotes to a different interactive printer than invoices