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Business software to help you EXCEL!

ExcelReport helps you set goals, grade your progress, and train your people to excel. With ExcelReports you get the tools you need to achieve excellence:

  • A way to set goals for success
  • Automatic analysis of your normal business processing
  • A way to capture the non-financial information that is so important to your business
  • An easily understood report card with grades to tell you how you’re doing
  • Complete ability to explore the reasons behind every grade

With ExcelReport, you can:

Know instantly how well you are achieving your goals. Remember and respond to errors, complaints, ideas. Monitor and improve your customer, vendor, and employee relationships. Measure and improve the quality of products and services. Identify the sources of poor or outstanding performance. Regularly remind your employees of the things important to your success. Track your progress toward excellence by month or year You won’t find these results in any other business software system. If you want excellence in your business, you need ExcelReport.

Key Features of ExcelReport™

Success Report Card
• Six success factors
• Trend analysis
• GPA analysis
• Search grades for particular Customers, Vendors, Products, etc.
• See all details behind grades

• Hot key instant entry
• Standard and user-defined types
• Relationship ratings
• Cost of Errors and Complaints
• Excel point estimate

Grading Factors
• User-maintained A-B-C-D-F grading scales
• Quality grades
• Financial grades
• Customer/vendor/employee grades
• Future preparation grades

Period History
• Dozens of excellence-related totals and statistics
• Per record per period for last 5 years
• Updated and accessible through other SouthWare modules

Fully Integrated with SouthWare Excellence Series™

Questions you’ll be able to answer include:

• Which areas of the business need attention?
• Are we making progress toward our goals?
• Are we able to fill customer’s orders?
• Are we shipping orders on time?
• What’s the average approval rating on sales orders?
• Which items are returned the most (poor quality)?
• How much are errors and complaints costing us?
• What do our customers think about us?
• Are we hitting our financial goals?
• Which vendors are giving us good service?
• What are the recent events involving this customer?
• Have we responded to all the ideas and suggestions we’ve received lately?
• How solid are our vendor relationships?
• Are our employees satisfied with their careers?
• How well are we preparing for the future?